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Have you ever been on a long road trip

and felt very uncomfortable after couple hours of driving because your groin area is hot and sweaty due to lack of movement/air circulation even with your air condition at a full blast?

You tried to cool down by lifting your leg up, but it gets hot and sweaty with in few minutes, you just don’t want to stop every time and endure the uncomfortable situation because you want to get to your destination as soon as possible.

Well, your troubles are over now.

CYBOWING U is simply awesome!

CYBOWING U helps prevent sweating and/or overheating of groin area by blowing cool air. The ergonomically designed blower fan with the air flow tube needs to be placed inside the Men's cooler air mesh pouch to facilitate easy flow of air through your groin area. It is made of silicon and detachable from the air mesh pouch.

The controller is easy to use and allows you to control the power, fan speed, and rechargeable battery.

Say good bye to the sweaty, hot, uncomfortable stickiness and bring the cool breezy relief to your bottom.


01 Blower Module

An innovative cooling system that is ergonomically designed by blowing air to keep the groin cool

02 Air Mesh Pouch

Made with a power net and air mesh pouch allowing easy air flow around the groin area

03 Controller

Controls the speed of the fan with 3 step speeds to create optimal air flow


The noise level at 18 to 28 dB, the blower module blows cool air into the groin to prevent perspiration and maintain cooler temperature.

05 Battery

A rechargeable LiPo battery of 3.7V 1,000mAh or can be connected to a portable battery, laptop, cigar jack, adaptor, etc. with a standard USB C-type cable for immediate charging.

06 Ventilation Tube

Ventilation tube is made with silicone rubber to help you feel comfortable and designed with small holes toward skin contact area to keep you cool by allowing air to flow

07 Waist Band

Controller can be easily attached to your waist belt

08 Cooling Device

Easy, simple control and attach- detachable cooling device

CYBOWING U functional underwear with air flow

Testicles, also called testes, the main job of testicles is to make and store sperm and produce testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone that's responsible for the changes that occur during puberty. Testicles main function, Spermatogenesis is enhanced at temperatures slightly less than (1 to 3 degrees) core body temperature. The groin area is damper in the summer due to this reason. Many researches have linked higher temperature of testes to lower sperm count, infertility and low testosterone in male due to overweight and other reasons. Tight Underwear may be one of the reasons for raising the temperature of testes because it is too close and does not have any space for ventilation. This also may cause skin problems such as heat rash or the eczema.

There are many underwear's in the market to battle this problem but has its limits to handle the heat rash and eczema caused by the high temperature of the groin area. CYBOWING U's innovative designed underwear is using a simple air flow to solve this problem that has been bothering men since as far as we can remember. CYBOWING U underwear is designed to blow cooler air from outside to the groin area to cool and let's you adjust its temperature and dampness.

CYBOWING is a must have item for men who drives long distance or men who sit in their chairs all day.